Our Vision:

To create value and make a difference in what we do, through continuous improvements and customer satisfaction.

Our Mission :

Our mission is to deliver skills and knowledge that significantly increase our course participants’ on-the-job productivity, thereby enhancing their contributions to the goals of their organization.

Our core values :

Integrity. Innovation. Results. Excellence.

*Personal and Workplace Integrity:

The Personal and Workplace Integrity Training provides participants with an ethical

decision making checklist that they can use when faced with a moral dilemma, which

they often encounter in their private and working lives.

It facilitates the promotion of a culture of sound ethical conduct and compliance in the trainee,

helping the efforts of the organization to build a culture of high integrity among

employees, reducing fraud, fostering growth, and gaining trust among its clients.

Duration: 1 Day

Customer Service Fundamentals:

A company’s ability to deliver quality

Customer Service experiences hinges upon how well trained, qualified and

experienced its customer service employees are, which often times includes the

whole workforce.

In order to develop and maintain effective customer-focused teams,

it is important to adequately train and educate the workforce in the basics of

customer service which this training deeply provides.

Results are higher employee

engagement, improved motivation, and increased customer satisfaction. Ultimately it

yields increase in revenue for the company.

Duration: 1 Day


Exceptional Customer Care:

Customers are unpredictable, and you are

only as good as your customer’s last encounter. In order to build naturally loyal

customers, your customer service ethos has to be demonstrated consistently by

everyone in your company, not just the front line team.

This program teaches how

to create a service culture that becomes a part of your DNA, built into your

systems, reflected in your recruitment, instilled in your teams, and demonstrated

throughout the customer journey by engaged employees.

The customer becomes your


Duration: 2 days.